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Scholarship and Award Programs

Philadelphia Futures provides services to businesses, foundations, and other organizations to help create and manage scholarship and award programs. We’re honored to work with the Eagles Youth Partnership, The Leonore Annenberg School and Scholarship Fund, and Sunoco in furthering their efforts to recognize and reward high school students for outstanding achievement.

Sponsor-A-Scholar Program

Our flagship program, Sponsor-A-Scholar, has a track record of success in supporting low-income students attending Philadelphia’s neighborhood high schools on the journey to – and through – college. We provide comprehensive services and resources to students and their families to remove the academic, financial, and social barriers that traditionally prevent first-generation-to-college students from achieving college success.

The SAS Program is unique in the depth and duration of its services. We support students from the beginning of the 9th grade through the transition to college and the achievement of a college degree. Our multi-pronged approach includes long-term, one-on-one mentoring; year-round academic enrichment and college guidance activities; $6,000 for college-related expenses; and individualized staff support through high school and college.

While in high school, SAS students are exposed to a series of activities and resources designed to prepare them for college, including after-school classes, SAT preparation, summer enrichment experiences, college counseling, campus visits, career awareness, clubs, cultural outings, one-on-one mentoring, and more.

During college, the Office of College Retention and Success (OCRS) provides SAS collegians with individualized counseling, preparation for graduate school and careers, and financial support and guidance. The OCRS also develops and maintains strategic partnerships with several Pennsylvania colleges and universities that support SAS students financially and academically.

Because of our “whatever it takes” approach, SAS students succeed in high school, enter college, and obtain their degrees in record numbers.


Through our direct service programs, Sponsor-A-Scholar (SAS) and College Connection, Philadelphia Futures annually provides more than 500 high school and college students with critical support and resources to achieve their dream of a college education through academic enrichment, gender-specific programs, and career awareness activities; personalized college guidance, placement and retention services; and financial resources. SAS matches each student with a long-term volunteer mentor, who provides a positive role model and opens doors to new social and professional networks. Each SAS student also is paired with a sponsor, who contributes $7,500 to invest in the student's college success.

Unique in their depth and duration, our intensive, individualized programs support students through college completion. Our College Retention and Success services offer personal and academic guidance and financial resources throughout college. We also help students connect their academic credentials to the workplace and graduate school opportunities. Our groundbreaking strategic partnerships with eight colleges and universities provide students with financial resources and customized on-campus services to support their services.

Outreach Futures brings our expertise and resources to the broader Philadelphia community. We work with high schools, colleges, and community-based organizations to deliver college admissions and financial aid information to students and families. The core component of Outreach Futures is the annual publication of Step Up to College: Philadelphia's Guide to the College Preparation, Application, Admissions & Financial Aid Processes. To remove any barrier to access, Philadelphia Futures distributes over 40,000 copies - at no cost - to Philadelphia high schools, libraries and community-based organizations. Social media and text alerts connect students, families and educators to college admissions and financial-aid material year round.

Philadelphia Futures is the administrator of the Charles E. Ellis Trust for Girls, which annually awards over $1 million in financial resources to young women of limited financial means living in single-parent households to prepare them for college success.


Philadelphia Futures: a union of White-Williams Scholars and Philadelphia Futures provides Philadelphia's low-income, first-generation-to-college students with the tools, resources and opportunities necessary for admission to and success in college.


Philadelphia Futures transforms lives by breaking down the barriers that have historically excluded low-income, first-generation-to-college students from achieving college success.

Guiding Principle

A college education is the portal to economic self-sufficiency and a satisfying life.