For Parents and Guardians

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Philadelphia Futures is proud to work closely with the parents and guardians of students in our College Connection Program as you help your child reach his or her full potential. Your active participation in College Connection is extremely important to your child's success.

The College Connection Program serves students who have a demonstrated academic foundation and attend Philadelphia's public, public charter and parochial high schools. College Connection begins working with students in 11th grade and guides them through the college application, admissions and financial aid processes and actively supports their progress through college completion.

You can learn more about the College Connection eligibility criteria, and help your child apply to the College Connection Program.

A Team Effort

When your child is a College Connection student, Philadelphia Futures is with you every step of the way to ensure that your child achieves his or her dream of a college education. Philadelphia Futures regularly informs parents and guardians about student progress in the College Connection Program. In addition, we encourage parents and guardians to contact your College Connection Coordinator whenever questions or concerns arise.

Parent Programming

Parents and guardians who are actively involved in College Connection often feel better equipped to support their child's journey to earning a college degree.

In addition to remaining in ongoing contact with their child's Coordinator, we encourage parents and guardians to participate in the activities we host throughout the year, which include our Parent Advisory Committee, Annual Conference, visits to college campuses and Parent Dinner. To learn more about our calendar of events, check the College Connection Spotlight newsletter, mailed monthly to your home.


Parents and guardians of College Connection students agree to support the strong academic performance of their child, participate in College Connection activities and do all that is necessary for their child to successfully complete high school, gain admission to college and earn a college degree.


  • Discussing College Connection's schedule with their child so that family responsibilities do not conflict with school and College Connection activities
  • Staying in regular contact with their child's College Connection Coordinator
  • Reading the College Connection Spotlight newsletter to stay up-to-date on program events
  • Paying special attention to their son/daughter's class activities
  • Making sure that their child attends all College Connection scheduled activities
  • Staying informed of parent activities and program events


  • Attending the Philadelphia Futures' Annual Conference with his/her child
  • Participating in Philadelphia Futures' parent activities
  • Ensuring that their child attends school daily and on time
  • Attending individual conferences with his/her child and College Connection, as needed